Meet the team - Administration

There is a vast amount of administration performed by paid staff and volunteers within GVC.  The work ranges from organising teams of people, updating forms and documentation, marketing, IT, network administration to financial record keeping


Lois Knight

Lois Knight is employed by GVC and is in the office Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday at 4 Combe Road.  She handles all the day to day administrative matters for GVC including the weekly newsletter, email communication and updates from the Core Leaders, Gordano School bookings and No.4 bookings, Risk Assessments, DBS administration, marketing support, updating the website, processing invoices, expense forms, writing cheques and much much more. Lois relies on some additional support from volunteers.


Contact: 01275 847032 or

IT & Networking

Martin Van Eker is the mentor for all things of an IT nature.  He is responsible for the sourcing of new IT equipment, smooth running of the Administration network, data backup, security and many other technical matters.


If you wish to assist Martin in this technical area please contact: