Meet the team - Trustees

Gordano Valley Church is a Company Limited by Guarantee registered in England and Wales No 8476305 at 4 Combe Road, Portishead, North Somerset BS20 6BJ and is registered as a charity - charity number 1152104. There are four Trustees that govern the charity and the Trustees have a legal responsibility for the assets and activities of GVC.  They look after all charity compliance matters including Personnel, Finance, Health & Safety, Legal, Ownership, Child Protection etc.

John Storey - Chairman

John Storey

John married his wife Maggie in 1980 when they set up home in Portishead where they have been involved in the local church ever since.  They have two grown up daughters, Joanna and Rebecca.  John and Maggie are both Chartered Accountants.


The GVC Trustees are responsible for the stewardship of GVC assets, the administration of funds, and they have legal responsibility for all church activities, so in his role as Chair of the Trustees, his desire is to ensure that all the resources at the disposal of the Church are mobilised to help it fulfil its mission in areas of outreach, discipleship and support for the local community.

James Farthing

James and his wife Nicola moved to Portishead in 2007 and have 3 children. James became a trustee at the end of 2013, having been a member of GVC since 2008. His responsibilities as a Trustee include areas such as safeguarding and risk management.


In his professional life, James is a self employed IT Consultant, specialising in Laboratory information systems for water, environmental and industrial companies across Europe and beyond.


In his spare time, James is Group Scout Leader of 1st Portishead Scouts, and all of the Farthing family are involved in Scouting in the town (indeed, Scouting is how James and Nicola first met!). He is also a regular rider at Fox Studio Cycling!

Simon David

Simon David

Simon and his family have been members of the church since 1993, having lived in Portishead most of their lives.  His professional background is in Management Accounts, Pensions and Learning & Development. In 2012 he was appointed Manager of DCF Premier Workshops, its working name having recently changed to Haven Day Centre.  


Simon’s role as Trustee is to provide guidance around legislative and governance requirements or best practice, with a focus on H&S, policy and insurance.  Previously he was also the  treasurer which helps him to maintain a keen interest in the finances.  Simon serves the church in other areas and has visited some of those the church supports overseas.  In recent years Simon has served as Trustee of both WDGB and CYM.

Currently it is his role at Haven Day Centre that ensures that he remains abreast of all matters relating to H&S, policy, charities and trustees since as well as managing all the affairs of the Charity, he provides support and guidance to the Trustees, due in part to the considerable changes and challenges that the charity has needed to adopt in the last 3 years.

He is a member of the Woodies Christian Motorbike group, enjoys hill-walking and photography.

Colin de-Beger

Colin moved to Portishead in 2016 when his wife joined the GVC team as Family Pioneer.

He has 3 grown up sons and has served in leadership in previous churches.

Colin has many years experience of voluntary work within churches, in roles from church treasurer to Sunday school teaching, and has spent a number of years in scouting and Boys Brigade as well as previous Trustee experience.


Colin will take on some of the Health and Safety challenges.

His leisure interests are mainly hill walking when he gets a break from working as a Chartered Quantity Surveyor.