Mission - in the UK

Pastoral support and mentoring for church planters and leaders

Julian and Liz Marsh


Julian and Liz Marsh - providing pastoral support for leaders in church planting situations in the UK and support for leadership teams.


Julian and Liz led the national Church Planting Initiative (CPI) which seeks to encourage and foster church planting amongst self-governing churches in the UK from September 2009 until October 2014. They continue to provide mentoring, pastoral support, advice and resource for missionary families from the USA under the auspices of the Greater Europe Mission (GEM) and at present support families in Wales and Scotland.


Liz and Julian are networkers and feel greatly priviledged to see and have a part in so many great things that God is doing throughout the UK. They long to see churches grow and touch their local communities. Because they are networkers, they love people and desire to see them achieve their God-given potential. Julian also provides advice and inspirational input into church leadership teams. Julian led the George Muller Charitable Trust from 1993-2008 and still gives talks on the life anf faith of George Muller.


Liz and Julian have been part of GVC since the early days and were involved in planting Highdown Church from 1981 which joined with GVC in 1994.  They are as fully involved in church life as they can be, given their various roles and responsibilities and the church benefits from their wide experience of church life and growth in the UK.

Christian Camping International (CCI) UK

Keith Hagon

Keith Hagon is the Executive Director for CCI UK supporting hotels, conference and activity centres who have over 1 million people a year staying at the many residential centres in the UK which include:

  • Outdoor Activity Centres
  • Conference Centres
  • Hotels & Retreats
  • Venues for School Trips

For further information please check out the website www.cci.org.uk where you will find information about booking conferences, running a church weekend, cooking at an event and even how to complete a church weekend risk assessment.

Jon Bonner - Schools Ministry

Jon Bonner

Jon is a professional actor who has worked in theatres throughout the UK and in Europe in shows ranging from Shakespeare to Pantomime and Rock 'n' Roll musicals to Sondheim shows.  He has also performed at the Garrick Theatre in London's West End in a musical on the life of Glenn Miller.


When not being employed as an actor, Jon continues a ministry work he has been heavily involved in since 1998 and takes voluntary assemblies in schools locally and around the UK. Over the past 5 years Jon has led the All-Age celebrations at Spring Harvest and also performed at Alpha suppers, taking All-Age services and leading training sessions for children's workers including workshops on communication, puppet skills, engaging children in worship, good practice in taking school assemblies.


Jon is a songwriter who recorded and released his own album for children and families called 'Big it up for Jesus', and has seen a large number of those songs re-recorded for albums at Spring Harvest and New Wine events.  Having been led to serve God as an actor, Jon is thankful to still be able to use these other gifts and skills daily and may, if possible, be able to assist your church for an event.  For more about his ministry please visit:  www.jonbonner.org

Evangelical Alliance

The Evangelical Alliance is the largest body serving evangelical Christians in the UK, and has a membership including denominations, churches, organisations and individuals. In its formative years the Alliance particularly stood for the victims of religious persecution and enabled evangelicals from different denominations to work together.


Bristol and District EA exists to promote the work of national EA locally and to represent the local church and its concerns to the national body. Dave Francis and Keith Hagon have both been members of the executive and Julian Marsh is currently serving as Treasurer.  It sponsors the Pray for Bristol network, Bristol Noise and Bristol Forum 4 Change, which is a national initiative to bring together and network local Christians working in key areas of society.  It also provides a media hub, providing training and advice, as well as occasional meetings with national speakers and local leaders' lunches.

The George Müller Charitable Trust

GVC is part of the George Müller Charitable Trust Partnership Scheme.  The Trust partners over 50 churchs in the Bristol region to support, encourage, mentor, train and oversee quality provision of care to children, young people and needy families.