Mission - in the World

The church supports through finance, prayer and mission trips a number of people and organisations involved in bringing the gospel to other nations and the Bible teaches us that one of the effects of being empowered by the Holy Spirit is moving to the wider world with the Gospel: “But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.” Acts 1:8 (NIV).  The support of those who are engaged overseas is an important part of this work.


Contact: Gerwyn Owen go@gvc.org.uk


Demelza lives and works in the town of Marghita, in Northwest Romania, for a Swedish charity named FCE. GVC has been Demelza’s home church for many years.  Demelza is a primary school teacher.  Her ministry in Romania involves working with young people who have grown up in different orphanages, giving them practical and moral support as they try to lead a life outside an institution.  She has a deep desire to see these young people develop a personal and real relationship with God and for God to transform them into Christ like disciples who will then be inspired to share the gospel with others.

In 2011, a team from GVC went out to Romania to run Cludo-Romania and several GVC regularly visit Demelza in Marghita.


Loring Family

Ian Loring is a Bristolian and Caralee is American and they have three young children Ashlie, Isaac and David.  They have been working in Albania since before the fall of   the totalitarian regime there so they are indeed long-term!

They have planted a number of churches around the Southeast of Albania and are now based in Korçe, the only city in the region.  Albania is the poorest nation in Europe and there are severe spiritual needs too.  Ian and Caralee divide their “time-out” between UK and USA so we see them at GVC from time to time.  There have been a number of visits out to Albania by leaders and members of GVC.


GVC has developed a supporting link with the work of SAT7, bringing culturally relevant Christian satellite broadcasting to the Middle East. SAT7 is committed to producing and transmitting high quality programming (not dubbed Western content) to Arabic and Farsi peoples.


Orlowski Family

Jacek and Basia Orlowski and the church in Nowysqnz
GVC has developed links with two Pentecostal church in the South of Poland through their respective pastors. The link is also supported by the George Muller Foundation in Bristol.  This relationship has also been instrumental in fostering a twinning between Gordano School and the Secondary school in Skawina. Peter and Jack (Piotr and Jacek) visit us from time to time and we them.  In the past youth teams from the churches have also visited.


Alison & Ken Barrett

The Barretts are continuing to work in Alcala de Henares in leading a local church in a high rise area, considerably reduced for the moment by planting another. A new initiative in 2011 was the inauguration of a "Kofi Jaus" ministry to provide links into the highly secularised community. On a national level they help run the Madrid Bible Teaching Centre with ministries in publishing, teaching and heritage projects. Ken travels to South America and is known for his open air work with "on the Red Box" in Madrid´s city centre. They have two grown up children, Tim in Australia and Esther in France.

East Africa

Peter, Jenny and James Kay

Peter and Jenny Kay are working in East Africa, based in Nairobi and engaged in training and teaching work in the Pentecostal Bible College there. Also they support local churches who work with families who live off the rubbish tips in Nairobi.

They have links with surrounding countries including Burundi and there have been a number of Burundian church leaders who have received training at Nairobi under Peter's ministry.


Peter, Jenny and James returned from Kenya in July and are living in Portishead and worshipping at GVC.


Burundi Trip 2012

As a result of the links in East Africa GVC has worked in partnership with the Burundian church FECABU. FECABU is actively involved in planting and growing churches throughout the country as well as working with HIV sufferers and widows through microfinance initiatives. Alongside Peter Kay members of GVC have had the privelige of leading seminars for pastors, youth leader training, business training seminars, sewing classes and health promotion initiatives. GVC gains so much from working with these wonderful people who are amongst the world's most poor and yet are so spiritually rich.

India and Nepal

Ann and Keith Cope

Keith visits North India once a year where he teaches in two Bible schools. One is in the town of Purnea in Bihar, North India. This is the Soul Winning Mission an independent work. They have children’s hostels (100 Girls & 50 Boys) an English medium School to class 8. Previous students are engaged in evangelism and church planting. Keith teaches in the Bible School in English which is translated into Hindi. There are usually 30 to 40 students for 1st and 2nd year courses.


The second Bible school is in Siliguri where Keith teaches in Nepali. They also have an evangelism and church planting ministry. Here are usually 20 – 25 students. This Bible school comes under ‘Mission India’. Keith teaches here for about a week. He is usually asked to give the Word of God in the churches also. Keith & Ann also visit Nepal where Keith teaches in small Bible schools and churches. He also holds 1 day seminars and workshops all based on the materials in the ‘Manual of 12 Lessons for Emerging Church Leaders’ that Keith has compiled over the years Bible teaching in Nepal.


Relieving suffering and offering hope is at the heart of Tearfund’s vision. The church’s support helps to bring transformation to the lives of some of the world’s poorest people through the work Tearfund does. They are committed also to tackle the underlying causes of poverty and GVC has over many years been pleased to be able to support this work through giving and prayer. There are regular opportunities to give to this work and we often make our financial response world crises (emergency appeals) through Tearfund.