What we do - Children

Jane David

We consider children to be an important part of the GVC family.  We value the contribution they make and enjoy working with them.  It is our aim to teach children some of the values we find in the Bible and to show them something of God's amazing love for us.  We present the principles of the Christian faith in a fun, enjoyable, safe and caring environment.


The Children's work is coordinated by Jane David and with teams working with various age groups on a Sunday and during the week.


Contact: Jane David jane@gvc.org.uk


On Sundays the following groups meet:

  • Gems: Pre-school
  • Topaz: Reception, Years 1 to 3
  • Onyx: Years 4 to 6
  • Frog: Years 7+


During the week there are a number of activities which include:

  • Cludo Investigators